August; 4 months till the end

Just as we keep flipping the calendar each month, I realized we left 4 months till we say goodbye to 2017. And I said to myself 'how fast~'.

2017 by far, has been eventful and tiring for me. Many happenings mainly at work, I am thinking of giving up honestly. Embarked a new journey by attending university this year, currently in my 2nd semester. Met a few nice girls around, somehow makes me want to go lessons always. 

It's exam period now, I am taking a break from my revision and write something here. Be back again...













It's July

So half of 2017 has passed and we have many questions about what we have achieved thus far.
Before we could even list down what we have done or have not time flies and I cannot remember when was the last time I've actually sat down and think of what has happened or what I want to achieve next.

It's been half a year since I've started school. Working and studying at the same time is not an easy task, I must say. I applaud friends who have survived and made it through.

As struggling between work and school, I have lesser time with some of my friends. And I have drifted away from some of them. Well, I put in the effort to catch up and meet most of them still. Those who have drifted may be due to different paths, different priorities. Nevermind, I still need to live.

I can't wait to travel to my second hometown in Oct/Nov and of course my first trip with my gfriends. 

Till then...












It's been a year~~
I took a year to post this.

Anyway, HAPPY JUNE!!

SEVENTEEN(세븐틴) - 울고 싶지 않아 (Don't Wanna Cry)

I have been into this boy group for quite awhile. I think it was in 2015 MAMA, I saw their performance. But I didn't really pay much attention just thought that their song "Manse" was catchy and the choreography was interesting.

Then, end of last year, again, 2016 MAMA. Their performance appeared on my YT feed, and I decided to watch. Thus, with abit of free time, I viewed some of their videos. Their moves are all so synchronised and the songs are not bad. It's been awhile I am attracted to newer generations of idol groups. Of course, those under the Big 3, I would know and be updated.

And so, the boys released new song in 2017. Worth listening, most importantly, their choreography for this song!!

On a side note, watch their variety shows "One Fine Day Season 1" and "One Fine Day in Japan". Quite entertaining and funny. They made me laughed like a silly during my down period sometime this year :D


I'm the kind of person who over the years changed to become someone who selectively express emotions to people. And then, with many people I met along the way, instead of becoming depressed, now it has become immune. Somehow, no feeling. Sometimes I still get angry and upset, but I keep quiet. Just don't further ask me any shit because I may flare up (who knows). Sometimes, I just smile it away and people think I'm fine. Tbh, yea~ i'm fine but don't bother me for awhile.

Maybe I have always want to be a 'nice' person, to portray myself in a better way. I am lazy to coordinate meetups. So when I asked, I expect a 'Yes' or 'No', not 'IDK'. WTH is I don't Know? You mean you don't know if you have a plan on the mentioned date? Most of the time people are just waiting to see who else will be asking them on the mentioned date and then decide which side they should attend. A BIG ROLL EYES. For me, if I'm free, i will definitely make it.If not, I will just ask if there are other dates avail. 

All in all, please do not make an 'angel' turn into 'devil', and then apologise or regret. It might be too late.
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